A Note From the Road: From the Garden - Fall Daisy - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Fall Daisy
Fall Daisy - a.d. elliott
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Dear Henry,

I found this daisy in a Fall Boquet from the grocery store.  It is an amazing looking flower, but I don't think that it is a color found in nature.

But then, most of the plants we use aren't the same as they were originally and I am not referring to the genetic modifications that are done in the lab.  

Through selective breeding and hybridization, we have been altering the plants we use.  I think corn is the best example of this.  No one is entirely sure what the "original" corn was, we just know the various forms it has evolved into.

That being said, I prefer the natural method of altering plants and would rather we stayed within those boundaries,  the laboratory plants kind of scare me.

xoxo a.d.


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