A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Stormy Weather - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Grey and dreary

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Stormy Weather - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas - a.d. elliott

Ack! Mom, 

Clouds, grey skies and occasional buckets full of rain.  

I had previously treated rainy days as "pajama days" and would lay around, reading and drink tea.

Until this Spring,  if I held a "pajama day" every time it rained, I wouldn't be getting out of bed - and perhaps that is why daily rain is a struggle for me, I always feel like I should be curled up somewhere with a book, rather than act productively.

I wish there were a way to channel some of this water to the drought areas.  Granted none of it would be fit for drinking water, but irrigation for crops it would be great.

Is there a way to make this happen?

xoxo a.d.


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