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A Note From the Road: Road Trip Nevada - Secret Spring - Hwy 167 Overton Nevada

Finding water in the desert.

Hi Mom,
When we were out and about around Lake Mead, we found this spring.
While springs aren't really all that uncommon in the desert, to see one this "bubbly" isn't all that common.
We were glad we stopped to check it out.
xoxo a.d. 

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Colorado - Getting Over The Hump - Hwy C470 - Morrison CO

Guess what day it is.....
It seems to me, Mom..........
........that all I have done lately is making plans for something else.  
A couple of months have been all about preparing for some holiday, that we don't get to enjoy because we immediately start talking about what we are going to do for the next holiday.
I am going to spend today as today.  No future planning for me today.
What are your hump day plans?
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Nevada - Guardians - Mouses Tank Rd - Overton NV

What you thought you saw isn't always what you saw.
Hi Mom
I am still playing around with my Valley of Fire pictures.  This picture is odd.
While hiking in Petroglyph Canyon we remember seeing, on a side valley, these huge sandstone faces looking at us threateningly.
So I took a picture of it.  Not only does nothing really look frightening, but it really doesn't look like faces overmuch either.
Reminded us of a road trip through Oregon where there were immense trees at three am but not at five pm the next day.
xoxo a.d.

A Note From The Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Frilly - Hwy 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

This almost looks like red lettuce...

Christmas shopping is done! Mom
Christmas cards sent!  (you shouldn't get any complaints this year from those who didn't get their card until the New Year)
For a short blink, the weatherpersons talked about snow on Christmas. I was so excited. Now they aren't talking about snow anymore.
xoxo a.d.

A Note from the Road: Road Trip Florida - Lizard in Monochrome - Orlando Florida

Okay! Okay! This is the last lizard*. 
*at least for a little while.

Fish has very good eyes Mom - 
He can find a lizard anywhere.  This guy really blends well with his environment.  I completely walked by the tree and had to double back when Fish got excited.
I don't think has never grown out of finding reptiles. It is really fun, I hope he never does.
xoxo a.d.

A Note from The Road: Road Trip Hawaii - Bananas for the Lizard - Hawaii

Loving Lizards, Day two.
Another one of Fish's lizard finds Mom,
This time, the lizard was scurrying out of a bunch of baby bananas.
I am still amazed at all the different colors bananas can grow in.

xoxo a.d.

A Note from the Road: Road Trip Florida - Leaping Lizards - Somewhere - Orlando Florida

Lizard portrait, the symbols of love.

Sifting through files today Mom - 
and I realized that I have an enormous collection of lizard portraits.
I am not overly fond of reptiles.  Fish always points them out,
and since I like Fish, I take pictures of the lizards he sees.
Ah to be in love.

xoxo a.d.

A Note from The Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Pasqueflower - Hwy 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Delicate, almost transparent petals.
Hi Mom - 
We had a crazy cold snap here, it got to below 20 and I realized that I am no longer acclimated to cold weather.

I stayed in the studio and played with flowers and macro filters some more.

Did you know that a Pasqueflower was fuzzy?  I didn't really either until I got up close.

xoxo a.d.

A Note from the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - D is for Deer - HWY 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Taking over the neighborhood.
I hadn't realized it before Mom but,

there are deer everywhere here.  I knew there were some, as they love to hop out into the middle of the road without checking left - right - left.

When the leaves fell, I realized there are more deer living in my neighborhood than people.  

I think I am going to get a deer feeder, they have to be hungry and I don't want them eating my flowers.

xoxo a.d.

A Note from Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Rose In White - HWY 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Beauty only is seen in black and white.

Another day playing in the studio Mom -
Today I am playing with roses - but all flowers, in macro, become so complex. Look at the ever so slight variations of color.
Emerson said, "The Earth laughs in flowers".  I agree, and I also think the earth should have flowers everywhere.

xoxo a.d.

A Note from the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Camellia - HWY 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Focusing on texture.
It is WINDY today Mom!

So, I am trapped inside, in the studio, playing with flowers.

The flower itself was such a brilliant white that I had to tint it slightly to get any texture visible at all.  I do like how this one turned out.

What do you think?

xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Hawaii - Christmas Tree Flower - Mamalahoa Rd - Papaikou, HI

Festive Flower.
Friday's Flower Mom!

This is one of the flowers we saw in Hawaii at the Botanical Gardens.

It has the Christmas tree shape, and with the small blooms looks like it is festive.

I am trying to decide if I should try and make a print of this or if I should try and draw something with a similar feel....maybe both, to add to the Christmas decor this year.

xoxo a.d.