A Note from the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Kangaroo - Safari Rd - Gentry, Arkansas

 Fluffy and flexible

Kangaroo - Safari Rd - Gentry AR - a.d. elliott

I caught the kangaroo in mid-jump Mom.

I had no idea that kangaroos were so "bendy" and could put some yogi's to shame with their flexibility.

Oh and they are super soft, and seem to almost want to be petted but I am smarter than that - I have seen the Animal Planet stuff in Australia,  kangaroos are quite adept boxers.

xoxo a.d.

I caught the kangaroo in mid jump mom:  I didn't realize how "bendy" their jumps were until now.  They could put some yogis to shame with their flexibility.  Oh and their fur is super soft, it almost makes you want to cuddle them - but beware - they can kick really hard.  xoxo a.d.


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